Please read submission guidelines located under the 'Submit' tab on The Adroit Journal's website.

We are currently OPEN to submissions, and will remain open until mid-March 2017. 

Please note that we accept simultaneous submissions (and appreciate acknowledgement of such submissions), but do not accept reprints/previously published work. For examples of the work we tend to publish, please consult our current issue and online archives.

*Please include a third-person bio in your cover letter.* 

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2017 Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program. Please note applications will be evaluated on a ROLLING BASIS. 

About the Program

Now in its fifth year, The Adroit Journal’s Summer Mentorship Program is an entirely free and online program that pairs experienced writers with high school and secondary students (as of the current academic year) interested in learning more about the creative writing processes of drafting, redrafting and editing. The 2017 program will cater to the literary genres of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. The aim of the mentorship program is not formalized instruction, but rather an individualized, flexible, and often informal correspondence. Poetry mentorship students will share weekly work with mentors and peers, while prose mentorship students will share biweekly work with mentors and peers.

We are very proud of our alumni from this program. Previous students have subsequently been recognized through the National YoungArts Foundation & United States Presidential Scholar in the Arts designation, the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and the Foyle Young Poet of the Year Awards, among a plethora of others. Click here to view the mentorship alumni college list.

THIS YEAR’S PROGRAM WILL EVALUATE STUDENT APPLICATIONS ON A ROLLING BASIS VIA OUR SUBMISSION MANAGERPlease note that applications for 2017's program will be accepted until seats are filled or April 7, 2017, whichever comes first

The program will last from June 25, 2017 until August 5, 2017, and will be capped at sixty students. Please note that this opportunity will not offer academic credit (this is a friendship, not a class!), that participation in this workshop is not a route to publication in The Adroit Journal, and that mentors and/or the program director have the right to terminate a mentorship student's involvement with the program at any time should issues arise.

The Application

Applications for this year’s mentorship program consist of two mandatory parts—a Writer’s Statement and a Writing Sample. The Writer’s Statement should detail the applicant’s specific interest in pursuing The Adroit Journal’s summer mentorship program. What is it about our program and mission that piques your interest? Why this workshop? How would you spend your time with us? We want to know. Aim for between 1-1.5 pages double spaced, and don’t be afraid to be creative and original. We like that. 

While we of course suggest mentioning your experience and accomplishment with the writing and workshop processes, we will evaluate applications looking primarily for demonstrated passion and interest. We'd also like to suggest that you review the mission, ambition, and content of the journal for inspiration, if you find yourself stuck.

The Writing Sample should consist of between four and five poems or between eight and ten pages of fiction or nonfiction (excerpts acceptable). 

If you wish to do so, you may also upload an Academic Transcript to supplement your application.

Students who wish to apply to multiple genres may do so by utilizing both the First Choice and Second Choice options in the mentorship application form linked below. Important: If you wish to apply to more than one genre, please include two complete writing samples in one file, one for each genre, with your second-choice genre following the first. 

Each year, students ask for tips. Here’s the biggest one we can give: in the statement, tell us why you want to spend your summer in this program, rather than simply in a summer program writing or reading or editing. Again, why ours? As always, the more specifics, the better.


Visit us online: 

Say hello:

Please submit up to eight poems in one document via our Submittable page ( We encourage you to submit prose, art, and/or photography in addition to poetry.

Please note that you are encouraged to send us as much work over the course of the reading period as you'd like--we only ask that you not send more than eight poems at any given time for us to read. As soon as we respond to the first batch, you may send us another, and so on and so forth.


Information regarding the annual student Adroit Prizes for Poetry and Prose will be released later on this fall.

Happy submitting, and thanks in advance!

Please submit up to three prose pieces in one document via our Submittable page ( We invite you to submit poetry, art, and/or photography in addition to prose.

Prose should in general be under 2,500 words, but if you've got something a bit longer feel free to send it our way. Please note that you are encouraged to send us as much work over the course of the reading period as you'd like--we only ask that you not send more than three prose pices at any given time for us to read. As soon as we respond to the first batch, you may send us another, and so on and so forth.

Please include a word count at the top of each submission.


Information regarding the annual student Adroit Prizes for Poetry and Prose will be released later on this fall.

Happy submitting, and thanks in advance!

Please submit UP TO EIGHT full-color images (unless intentionally greyscale in the first place) via our submission manager ( This way, we can consider all submissions for cover art, and then we will also be able to consider all submissions for full-color publication in our online issues. Please make all image submissions .jpg and as high quality as possible. Image scans or screenshots are alright for submission (for the purpose of considerably lowering the file size), but please have access to higher-quality versions the art/photos prior to submission.  Submitted art may have previously been recognized for an award, but should not be previously published. Also, we DO accept simultaneous art submissions, but expect you to withdraw your submission(s) if accepted elsewhere promptly after the outside acceptance.

The Adroit Blog is an extension of The Adroit Journal, aiming to publish evocative essays, interviews, musings, rants, reviews, and anything else related to art and literature. We like everything from light-hearted, comedic vignettes to serious literary criticism. Our desires are simple: we want to publish pieces that are interesting— pieces that are exciting, thought-provoking, and zany. We dare you to shock us.

We currently accept submissions for Guest Blog posts, Columns, interviews, and reviews. It would be wonderful to showcase a variety of voices on The Adroit Blog, so we encourage you to submit!


Guest Blogs are one-off blog posts that can be about anything you wish, so long as it has a tie-in to literature and/or the arts. There are two ways to submit:

  • Upload a piece between 500 and 1500 words to Submittable, along with a cover letter that briefly tells us who you are, and what your piece is about.

  • Upload a document with one to three pitches for a Guest Blog post, along with a cover letter that briefly tells us who you are. If you choose to pitch ideas, rather than submit a piece directly, please include two to three links to samples of your writing.


A column is a recurring series of posts that center around a certain theme— for example, blog contributor Brynne Rebele-Henry holds a Feminist Fridays column, in which the Blog features a new essay of feminist literary criticism.

We’re looking for columns that are creative and original, so don’t be afraid to get weird.

  • In your proposal, outline what your column would be about, and what messages you seek to convey.

  • Provide three to five brief pitches (a few sentences each) for sample posts within your column so that we can get a solid understanding of what you wish to publish.

  • Tell us if your column would appear once a week, once every other week, or once a month.

  • After a column has been accepted, you will discuss the length of your commitment to Adroit with the Blog Editor.


We accept proposals for interviews with artists and writers. We like interviews that are unique and engaging— we like in-depth discussions that tell us something about how the interviewee thinks and feels about the world around them.

  • Tell us a bit about the person whom you’d like to interview, and what the two of you plan to discuss.

  • Along with your proposal, include 2-3 links to writing samples.

  • Please make sure that your target interviewee has agreed to be interviewed before submitting a proposal.

  • Interviews should be under 2000 words, but in cases of longer, yet very high-quality interviews, we can split an interview into two separate blog posts.


The Adroit Blog is seeking reviews of recently-published poetry collections, short story collections, essay collections, literary novels, and more. We think that a good review does more than just describe a work— a good review analyzes a work from a thoughtful, worldly perspective.

  • Upload a review to Submittable between 500 and 1500 words. 

  • Include a brief cover letter that lets us know who you are.

First off: please familiarize yourself with the journal by visiting our About page, and perhaps also an issue or two.

At this time, we are accepting applications from prospective readers that have not published a full-length book (collection, novel, etc.) with a press. Note: this does not include self-published titles. 

***The below positions have a start-date of May 2017, unless otherwise specified.***


I. Please pick one of the positions below and briefly (between 1-1.5 pages double spaced) explain what qualifies you for this position, and what you would add to the journal’s literary and/or artistic community. You are encouraged to include things such as writing publication and commendation credits, exhibitions, or other awards that you may have collected in the past. This 'Adroit Statement' can be as formal or informal as you'd like, but should NOT read like a résumé. At the end of the day, the statement should highlight your history, passion, and experience with the areas of the position and creative writing. Feel free to discuss other topics you feel are appropriate, as well as any specific connections, measures, or initiatives you might have (or aspire to have) with The Adroit Journal’s staff community. 

Please copy and paste the following quick checklist of biographical points and include them at the beginning of your statement:


State (hometown)- 

Country (if international)-


High School- 

College (if applicable)-
Graduate School(s) & Anticipated Degree(s) (if applicable)-

FOR ALL POSITIONS BUT POETRY & PROSE READER: If we think you might be a good match for the position, we will be in touch to schedule an interview. 


2. We ask that you provide a short sampling of your work (4-5 poems or 1-2 short stories/essays (max 10 pages double-spaced)) to supplement your written statement. This should be attached to the submission/application as a document. This is not to 'screen' young writers and artists, but rather to get a better glimpse of who you are as a creator and, thus, as a person.

3. Once we review your statement, if we think you might be a good match for the journal's staff, we will email you a handful of pieces from our archives. These will serve as some sample submissions, which you will be asked to evaluate from the prospective of a staff member. This includes 1) providing a vote of yes, maybe, or no acceptance, 2) justifying your vote with a paragraph (generally a couple of sentences in length) explaining what you deem to be the piece's core strengths and weaknesses, and 3) returning the submissions back to us by emailing them to '' by the specified deadline. Failure to complete these mock evaluations will result in withdrawal of your application. Please note that – while the votes on the submissions are important to us, what is MOST IMPORTANT to us is the way in which you express and justify your votes in the comments area. In addition, please remember that you are NOT assessing whether the piece is ‘good’ or ‘bad,' nor should you be approaching submissions with a checklist mentality. Think about trying on the journal's aesthetic. 


The positions available are as follows:


POETRY READER: Evaluate submissions of poetry in a timely manner through Submittable, our submission client. As a poetry reader, you are encouraged to read submissions more than once in order to reach the maximum understanding, and to write editorial comments to elaborate on your choice of vote – particularly when you vote maybe. (Est. commitment: 3-4 hours per week, with additional work around reading period deadline.) 

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: Implement and coordinate social media activities via our Facebook & Twitter pages, keeping our pages active & consistent. Prepare plans in advance for social media posts via Hootsuite. Meet with Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Marketing team, Blog Editor, and others to discuss marketing and social media strategy. (Est. commitment: 2 hours per week.) 

PROSE READER: Evaluating submissions of prose (generally, fiction and nonfiction) in a timely manner through Submittable, our submission client. As a prose reader, you are encouraged to pay careful attention to stylistic and narrative elements of the works you evaluate, so as to achieve the maximum understanding of each submission. Then, you are encouraged to write editorial comments to elaborate on your choice of vote – particularly when you vote maybe. (Est. commitment: 3 hours per week, with additional work around reading period deadline.) 


Please feel free to ask questions or inquire for more information by dropping an email to Thank you for your interest!