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Please submit up to six poems in one document via our Submittable page ( We encourage you to submit prose, art, and/or photography in addition to poetry.

Please submit no more than two (2) times per genre per reading period. Additional submissions will be returned unread.

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Please submit up to three prose pieces in one document via our Submittable page ( We invite you to submit poetry, art, and/or photography in addition to prose.

Prose should in general be under 3,000 words, but if you've got something a bit longer feel free to send it our way. Please submit no more than two (2) times per genre per reading period. Additional submissions will be returned unread.

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Gregory Djanikian was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and came to the United States when he was eight years old. He has published six poetry collections, the latest of which is Dear Gravity (CMU Press, 2014). His poetry appears in American Poetry Review, Best American Poetry, Boulevard, Poetry, Southern Review, and TriQuarterly, among others. Until retiring, he was the longstanding Director of Creative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania, where he still teaches poetry workshops.

Greg's insight and instruction has greatly enriched both the Adroit Journal as well as its staff of emerging writers. We'd like to recognize and encourage the gift of such support by offering it ourselves, to six writers who in need of the affirmation and support. In honor of Greg's contribution to emerging student and non-student writers at Penn and around the world, we hope to recognize talent from around the world and open them to a long future in writing. 


We will be annually recognizing six emerging student or non-student poets as Gregory Djanikian Scholars. All emerging writers who have not published full-length collections are eligible (regardless of age, geographic location, or educational status), and are encouraged to submit. 

Gregory Djanikian Scholars receive $100 and publication of their portfolios of poems in a future issue of the Adroit Journal. Finalists will be awarded copies of Greg's latest collection, Dear Gravity, and a list of semifinalists determined by the editors will be released with results. 


Submissions may include up to six poems (maximum of ten pages single-spaced). Simultaneous submissions, previously published submissions, and submissions recognized by outside organizations are accepted, provided that a) a full catalogue of publication history for enclosed poems is included in the submission and b) at least one poem in the submission remains unpublished. Submitters should reach out promptly via email ( if work acknowledged as unpublished in the cover letter is accepted elsewhere.

Writers are welcome to additionally submit enclosed work to the Adroit Prizes as well as through our general submission portal. However, each writer may not send more than one entry per year for the Gregory Djanikian Scholars designation. 

As mentioned above, all emerging writers who have not published full-length collections are eligible (regardless of age, geographic location, or educational status), and Gregory Djanikian Scholars will receive $100 and publication in a future issue of the Adroit JournalAdditionally, finalists will be awarded copies of Greg's latest collection, Dear Gravity, and a list of semifinalists determined by the editors will be released with results. 

To accommodate this while offering free online issues, we have set a non-refundable submission fee of $9. If you require financial assistance, you may submit a fee waiver by downloading this form and following the instructions. Due to fee waivers' processing time, fee waivers will only be accepted until three days before the deadline (postmarked).


Please direct any questions to 

First off: please familiarize yourself with the journal by visiting our About page, and perhaps also an issue or two.


PROSE READER: Prose readers get the first crack at all submissions in their specified genre, and are expected to review fiction and nonfiction submissions regularly and consistently. Reviewing submissions includes voting, providing comments, and participating in occasional editorial meetings hosted over Google Hangouts. (Est. commitment: 3 hrs/week.) 

STAFF COMMUNITY MANAGER: The Staff Community Manager will be responsible for instituting periodic activity checks to maintain satisfactory and consistent staff activity, as well as providing periodic feedback to ensure that readers receive actionable and respectful messaging around suggested areas of improvement. The SCM will refine and implement a Staff Development Plan and will maintain communication with the journal’s staff reading family to create the reading teams behind The Adroit Journal’s issues. The SCM will report to the Editor-in-Chief, and should have prior experience with management and coordination (particularly as it relates to interpersonal communication and/or HR). Join us, and help make reading for us an even more unforgettable, enriching experience! (Est. commitment: 4 hrs/week.)

INTERVIEWER OR REVIEWER: We are open to applications to interview or review for us on a rolling basis. Click here for details. 



We are open to applicants for prose reader from emerging writers only (writers who have not published a full-length book—collection, novel, etc.—with a press). 

All other positions are fully open to all readers and writers. At this time, we are not open to staff readers of other internationally-staffed unaffiliated literary journals. Publications that consider solely student or specific geographic submissions do not apply to this restriction.

We are looking to fill these positions sooner rather than later, and will be considering applications on a rolling basis.

***Unless otherwise specified, the below positions are remote in nature & have a start-date of ASAP.***


I. Please pick one of the positions below and briefly (between 1-1.5 pages double spaced) explain what qualifies you for this position, and what you would add to the journal’s literary and/or artistic community. You are encouraged to include things such as writing publication and commendation credits, exhibitions, or other awards that you may have collected in the past. This 'Adroit Statement' can be as formal or informal as you'd like, but should NOT read like a résumé. At the end of the day, the statement should highlight your history, passion, and experience with the areas of the position and creative writing. Feel free to discuss other topics you feel are appropriate, as well as any specific connections, measures, or initiatives you might have (or aspire to have) with The Adroit Journal’s staff community. 

Please copy and paste the following quick checklist of biographical points and include them at the beginning of your statement:


State (hometown)- 

Country (if international)-

Graduation Year- 

High School- 

College (if applicable)-
Graduate School(s) (if applicable)-


FOR ALL POSITIONS BUT POETRY & PROSE READER: If we think you might be a good match for the position, we will be in touch to schedule an interview. 


2. We ask that you provide a short sampling of your work (4-5 poems or 1-2 short stories/essays (max 10 pages double-spaced)) to supplement your written statement. This should be attached to the submission/application as a document. This is not to 'screen' writers and artists, but rather to get a better glimpse of who you are as a creator and, thus, as a person.

3. Once we review your statement, if we think you might be a good match for the journal's staff, we will email you a handful of pieces from our archives. These will serve as some sample submissions, which you will be asked to evaluate from the perspective of a staff member. This includes 1) providing a vote of yes, maybe, or no acceptance, 2) justifying your vote with a paragraph (generally a couple of sentences in length) explaining what you deem to be the piece's core strengths and weaknesses, and 3) returning the submissions back to us by emailing them to '' by the specified deadline. Failure to complete these mock evaluations will result in withdrawal of your application. Please note that – while the votes on the submissions are important to us, what is MOST IMPORTANT to us is the way in which you express and justify your votes in the comments area. In addition, please remember that you are NOT assessing whether the piece is ‘good’ or ‘bad,' nor should you be approaching submissions with a checklist mentality. Think about trying on the journal's aesthetic. 



*At this time, all roles are volunteer-based.

Please feel free to ask questions or inquire for more information by dropping an email to Thank you for your interest!

Please submit UP TO SIX full-color images (unless intentionally greyscale in the first place) via our submission manager ( Please make all image submissions .jpg or .png, and as high-quality as possible. Image scans or screenshots are alright for submission (for the purpose of considerably lowering the file size), but please have access to higher-quality versions the art/photos prior to submission.  

Submitted art may have previously been recognized for an award, but should not be previously published. Also, we DO accept simultaneous art submissions, but expect you to withdraw your submission(s) if accepted elsewhere promptly after the acceptance elsewhere.

Please submit no more than two (2) times per genre per reading period. Additional submissions will be returned unread.

Unsure of a twist in a story, or the transitions within a poem? If you are a staff member or editor for The Adroit Journal, please feel free to send your writing here (fiction, poetry, song lyrics, prose poetry, etc... anything really!). Other staff members can comment on it, and let you know what they think!

Note: Please do not use the rating tools--keep your evaluation confined to subjective commentary and constructive criticism. Thanks!

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